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Norlan Announces Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Its Revolutionary New Whisky Glass


Global design brand Norlan announces that on October 27 it will launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund its game-changing namesake whisky glass. Norlan transforms the way whisky is enjoyed through a design which combines the advanced aromatic delivery of a snifter with the aesthetic virtues of a tumbler. The glass is to be the flagship release in an evolving suite of products dedicated to modernizing the whisky drinking experience.

Norlan was created by internationally renowned Icelandic designer Sruli Recht and further refined with input from master distillers in Scotland. A whisky aficionado, Recht searched but found history had yet to produce a truly thoughtful design-response to the unique experience of enjoying fine whisky. A challenge was set.

In developing its glass, Norlan sought to address a key deficiency in the whisky drinking experience – The world of whisky is dominated by two distinct types of glassware: nosing glasses and classic tumblers. While the former do improve the scent delivery of the spirit, they too often concentrate the ethanol vapors, obscuring the subtler flavor notes. These glasses also have the added detriment of turning the drinking experience into an anti-social activity, whereby the head is tilted up and back, cutting the drinker off from their social engagement. Tumblers, on the other hand, have a broad aesthetic appeal and are sociable glasses, but their wide open brims diffuse and flatten out whisky’s complex aromatics.

By combining modern digital technologies and advanced double-walled glassblowing handcraft, Norlan has created a hybrid-designed glass that not only brings together the best qualities of the archetypal tumbler and snifter, but improves upon the essential scent delivery. Through scientific study and bio-mimicry, Norlan has developed a patent pending feature that dramatically increases the rate of oxidization within the glass. This feature, a series of specially positioned protrusions, or “fins,” inside the glass, serves to agitate the liquid, creating ocean-like waveforms that release the ethanol vapors more quickly and deliver the expressive and desirable flavor notes to the drinker.

The Norlan glass will be priced at $48 for a set of two, and will be available at retail in spring of 2016. Backers of the Kickstarter campaign will be able to take advantage of ‘early bird’ offers and an opportunity to get the glass in hand first, along with some special offers specific to the campaign.

Norlan’s 45-day Kickstarter campaign launches Tuesday, October 27, with reward levels that feature boxed sets of the glasses (2, 4, 6, and 8 glasses) at discounts of 20-32% off the future retail price.

Norlan on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/profile/norlan

Norlan is the first venture from Serial Future Visions, Inc., a hybrid design and research studio whose mission is to investigate, conceptualize, develop, and bring to fruition products, systems, and services that are on the cusp of commercial feasibility and consumer or societal adoption. Serial Future Visions, Inc. is working with Sruli Recht, an internationally recognized Icelandic designer known for his innovative work in fashion, industrial design, film costumes and fine art.  The founders include Brian Fichtner, a design retail master who has worked with iconic NYC design emporium Moss, the Smithsonian National Design Museum, and independent arts label Ghostly International; and Shane Bahng who specializes in design retail and development and counts Swedish luxury brand Hastens, Italian furniture company Giorgetti, and Moss amongst those he has worked with. For additional information, visit http://www.Norlanglass.com and follow Norlan on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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