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Today, German stronghold of Satanic metal supremacy IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS announces July 25th as the international release date for two new nuclear warheads: a split 12″ MLP between DEIPHAGO and RITUAL COMBAT, entitled Accept the Mark, and SACROCURSE’s Sulphur Blessing demo cassette. For a decade now, IRON BONEHEAD has scoured the extreme metal underground for only the best and darkest gems in all its forms. Black, death, doom, thrash, trad, whatever: as long as it exudes scuzz and sleaze, filth and fury, IRON BONEHEAD will unearth it…and always on the two most glorious formats, VINYL and CASSETTE! And with these latest two releases, the label is set to make the summer even hotter with hellfire of violence and force! Tracklistings, covers, and more info follow below.




DEIPHAGO and RITUAL COMBAT, two of the metal underground’s most authentically violent bands, make a pact with Satan for an exclusive split 12″ MLP fittingly titled Accept the Mark. Both hordes each deliver two, characteristically blowtorching tracks: DEIPHAGO create a humid human furnace of chaotic churn, including a cover of Sarcofago’s “The Last Slaughter,” while RITUAL COMBAT create a ritualistic thrust of decimating decibels. Nuclear-powered violence + force in the name of Satan, exclusively limited to 500 vinyl copies, and all topped off by provocative artwork by Alexander Brown of BNB Illustrations  – will you Accept the Mark?


Full tracklisting for DEIPHAGO/RITUAL COMBAT split 12″ MLP, Accept the Mark

 1. DEIPHAGO – Beast of Annihilation
2. DEIPHAGO – The Last Slaughter (Sarcofago cover)
3. RITUAL COMBAT –  Red in Blood and Death
4. RITUAL COMBAT – Black War 666

With the release of SACROCURSE’s Sulphur Blessing tape, IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS once again unveils a killer new horde that will soon be talked about far and wide within the underground. However, SACROCURSE is not an entirely “new” entity, as it is actually helmed by scene veteran Zolrak Montes, most known for Nodens and Unholier, but also a former member of Morbosidad and Obeisance. Here, with help from Turkey’s Godslaying Hellblast, Zolrak unleashes unhinged barbarity firmly with the ancient tradition of South American black/death, but adds a uniquely memorable element to the caustic chaos at hand. Limited to 300 copies and pressed on pro tape: receive SACROCURSE’s Sulphur Blessing and seal your fate.


Full tracklisting for SACROCURSE’s Sulphur Blessing demo tape

1. Sarcocurse Temple
2. Command Demonic Prayers
3. Sulphur Blessing
4. C.O.N.V.U.L.S.E.



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