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New BYRON NEMETH song and video A NEW FREEDOM online now


A NEW FREEDOM — Video has officially launched on 04.07.2013. This video features Jeremy Colson/Drums and Philip Bynoe/Bass from the Steve Vai Band and Mark Boals/Vocals from the Yngwie Malmsteen years. Produced, Engineered & Mixed at Steve Vai’s recording studio “The Mothership” in LA by Greg Wurth. Mastering by Maor Applebaum, Video by Echo Star Cinema/Steven Esparza.

Music & Lyrics written by: Byron Nemeth — Vocal Melodies written by: Mark Boals — Guitars: Byron Nemeth, Vocals: Mark Boals, Drums: Jeremy Colson, Bass: Philip Bynoe.

The complete photo album of the recording of “A New Freedom” at The Mothership is here on Facebook

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