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NECROTTED Release New Music Video


The new music video of the third single “Confiscation Day” taken from the upcoming NECROTTED album “Utopia 2.0” is out now! It was shot in Aalen within one night inside of an old industrial hall which optically provides the perfect atmosphere for the music of NECROTTED. The song itself is catchy, fast and brutal but at the same time groovy and melodic. It has a catchy refrain which invites you to sing along and meaningful lyrics. The result is a dynamic and powerful performance video which was produced in cooperation with Julez Media Design.

Utopia 2.0 Tracklist:

1. Step Forward
2. Utopia (We Are The Light)
3. Rebuild And Revive
4. Confiscation Day
5. Assimilation
6. Bigotry Unmasked
7. Xenophobic Attitudes
8. Mind Control
9. Anthem Of The Oppressed
10. Liberty, Equality, Brutality
11. United We Stand
12. Philanthropic Misanthrope


Origin: Germany
Genre: Death Metal / Metalcore
Label: Supreme Chaos Records
Distributed by: Soulfood / Plastichead / Code 7
Release: October 10th 2014


Unfortunately, the release date of the new NECROTTED album “Utopia 2.0” has to be postponed for one week due to a delay in the pressing plant. The new release date is October 17th 2014.

In the meantime, you can check out NECROTTED‘s new video for the song “Confiscation Day”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aukiy04R2VQ

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