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Necro Publications Expands Bedlam Press Imprint


Necro Publications, an industry leader in the Horror / Dark Fantasy genre continues to expand its urban fantasy, science fiction imprint with Bedlam Press’ latest novel, Welcome to GreenGrass by author S.A. Check.

What if while walking towards that final white light, you saw a door? Would you take it? What if you didn’t have a choice?

Available now, Welcome to GreenGrass, a science fiction / fantasy adventure, explores what happens when a police officer from Earth is thrown into an alien city, trapped beneath an invisible dome, and forced to find a killer, when all he wants is to find a way home.

The novel touches on the universal truths of both acceptance and intolerance as realms collide and races are forced to co-exist in the innovative new world created by the author.  A living alien city sets the backdrop for a cast of characters trying to stake their claims where heroes and villains exist in shades of gray beneath the shadow of the twin red moons above.

At its heart, the novel is a murder mystery, deep with adventure and light on graphic violence and language, as the story weaves through the streets and dark alleys of GreenGrass. Searching for a cloaked stranger, Traveller and his band of friends, consisting of a pacifist demon, a cast out demi-god, and a telepathic woman, learn as much about each other as they do about their new home, truths that could lead to the city’s salvation or destruction.

Reviews of Welcome To GreenGrass hail it is as “Men in Black meets interplanetary Columbo” “a darkly humorous edge” and “combines elements of J.K. Rowling, R.L. Stine, and Mickey Spillane into a wholly original tale.”

Author S.A. Check writes out of south-western PA and earned his degree in English and Writing from Penn State University. His novel is an amalgamation of all the nuances and literary influences he has enjoyed to this point in his career from comic books to Canterbury.

The novel Welcome to GreenGrass is available through the publisher’s website at http://necropublications.myshopify.com/products/welcome-to-greengrass-by-s-a-check and all major eBook outlets.

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