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NAMM: EBS Facelift On ClassicLine Bass Cabinets And Session Combos


EBS Professional Bass Equipment presents a facelift on the ClassicLine vintage-style bass cabinets at the NAMM Show 2015. The new features include:

  • New front grille cloth with better airflow to improve sound quality and reduce vibrations.
  • New hardware including;
    heavy-duty, removable casters with the 410 and 212 models, heavy-duty protective steel corners and heavy-duty wheels on the 810 model.
  • Recessed ‘lock-in-place’ steel cups matching the footprint of the EBS CL500 amp on the 410, 212 and 810 models.
EBS ClassicLine new corners

EBS ClassicLine new corners

EBS ClassicLine - Lock In Place

EBS ClassicLine – Lock In Place

All EBS Session combos, the Session 30, Session 60 and Award Winning Session 120 will also feature the new front cloth from NAMM Show.

Visit www.ebssweden.com for further info.

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