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NAMM 2015 Media Preview Report By Metal Life Magazine


Metal Life Magazine attended the 2015 NAMM Media Preview Day and visited with Line 6, Monster Audio, Peavey, IZ Corporation, IK Multimedia, Rock n Roll High and GTC. We were impressed with the diverse technologies that were available for preview day. The exciting products that we got to see and play with definitely got us psyched up for the rest of NAMM 2015.

GTC brought their revpad for guitars and we were blown away. This little device, which can be velcroed to any guitar without modification, gives the guitarist a whole new set of tools and effects. The revpad allows the guitarist to program hotpoints to specific actions/effects as well as utilize sliding across the pad to increase/decrease effects and/or turn on or off effects. We were very impressed with the ability to switch between acoustic and distorted with a simple slide of the pad.


We then checked out Monster Audio’s new DNA headphones. Their streamline shape immediately sets them apart from the generic round shape of most of other headphones. Monster Audio rep Terence Drover told us the shape was intended to ensure that people realized that the DNA headphones were not generic DJ headphones, but something different. In addition, the headphones come with an app where you can download hand written modulators for specific artists. Activating the modulator enhances the audio you are listening to. The modulators are not simple software algorithms, they are created by sound engineers. We did not have time to test the headphones to the fullest, but the audio enhancements for Motley Crue and Sixx AM definitely worked well. Metal Life hopes to get some review headphones soon to put them through a full barrage of tests. Stay tuned.


After enjoying some high end dynamic audio, we then checked out IZ Corp’s new RADAR Studio recording gear. This digital recording device has Pro Tools built in. While we are not skilled in the operation of digital audio recorders, the interface does seem intuitive and we are sure that with a little practice, the RADAR Studio would under our control.


Continuing on the audio recording aspect, we visited IK Multimedia and checked out their iRig digital microphones. The various microphones we saw ranged from tiny audio recorders for your cell phone to a pro quality studio mic. While we did not get to play with recording using these devices yet, Metal Life is planning on reviewing some of the models. Stay tuned.


Our next stop was with Line 6 to check out their Variax guitar line. With the Variax technology, you can switch your sound between various vintage electrics, acoustic and even exotic instruments. This one guitar can pretend to be many. You can even create your own sounds with the Variax Workbench software.


A seven year old rocker caught our attention for our next stop where we may have witnessed the next guitar god in the making. Rock N Roll High guitars are designed for kids, both in size and in weight. Their kids guitars are balanced for smaller hands to hold and weigh up to 40% less than other “kid sized” guitar brands. Pretty cool to see that the next generation of rockers are in good hands.


Lastly, we stopped at Peavey to check out the PV 10AT mixer and the Dark Matter DM115 speaker. The PV 10AT had built in auto-tune, which may not be of much use to us metalheads, its presence could still be utilized by some progressive and techno-metal bands. The DM115 features a two-way bi-amplified powered speaker system with a LCD display that allows control of the various parameters.


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