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MUNRUTHEL now streaming entire discography


Ukrainian ambient folk pagan metal outfit MUNRUTHEL has made their entire body of recorded work available for streaming at http://munruthel.bandcamp.com.

From 1997’s Yav, Nav I Prav to the band’s widely-praised newest release CREEDamage (which came out last year on Svarga Music), the whole of MUNRUTHEL’s discography is now streaming for free and can be purchased as a digital download.

Since MUNRUTHEL’s inception, mastermind Vladislav Redkin has experimented heavily with dark ambient and symphonic pagan metal, creating a truly unique and inspiring musical entity in the process. Now, the band’s evolution can be experienced as it happened.


MUNRUTHEL Discography:

1997 Yav, Nav i Prav
1999 Oriana Tales
2006 Epoch of Aquarius
2011 The Dark Saga – Original Soundtrack
2012 CREEDamage


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