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Movie Review: The World’s End


The self-proclaimed hero of a small town in England has grown up to be an unsuccessful mirror image of his teen self. Refusing to mentally mature beyond his better days in the 1980’s and 90’s, Gary King (Simon Pegg) decides that he must team up with four friends whom he hasn’t seen in decades in an attempt to bring closure to some ‘unfinished business’ by completing an epic pub crawl made up of twelve locations – a memory that King fondly remembers as the best experience of his life so far. As if the five estranged pals hanging out together for the first time in years to inevitably get insanely trashed wasn’t awkward enough, they soon begin to realize that the residents of their hometown are acting a bit strange. The truth is finally revealed in a (blue) bloody mess in a pub bathroom where the five friends find themselves fighting for their lives against teenage boys who are actually robots. Fearing that the rest of the town has also been taken over, they must decide between fleeing the area and possibly calling attention to themselves… Or finishing what they came to town for; risking their lives for the sake of bragging rights and polishing off twelve pints of beer. If they don’t pass out or get themselves killed first.


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