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Movie Review: Star Trek: Into Darkness


J.J. Abrams returns with the all-star cast of the 2009 reboot of ‘Star Trek’ for this inevitable second act. So how was it? Was it as good as the last movie? How did it compare to the original series, etc? Let’s first get one thing clear – as these more recent iterations of the Star Trek universe exist within an alternate timeline to that of the original(s), expect there to be some moments of hesitation in feeling satisfied with how certain plot elements play out (this, of course, is assuming you’re a Star Trek fan and maybe care just a little too much). Confused? Here’s an example: in 2009’s Star Trek, the antagonistic villain successfully destroys the entire planet of Vulcan; something that didn’t quite sit well with me until I embraced the idea that, because it’s science fiction, it doesn’t hurt to open yourself up to certain unpredictable plot developments.


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