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Movie Review: Robocop 2014


At the risk of badly dating myself, let me say that when I was a much younger man-a boy, even-my friends and I caught a double feature of the original Robocop paired with Lost Boys. I doubt I have to tell anybody out there that it was a pretty cool day. I love those movies and today they are still something akin to comfort food for me. At the same time, I’m not one of those people who finds every movie I cherish to be some sacred, untouchable work of art. I say, if you want to take a shot at the king, bring it, and I will gladly applaud or condemn your efforts on their merits.

First off, everybody-and especially those of us who were around back in the day-is going to view this reboot through the lens of its PG-13 rating. Is that fair…

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