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Movie Review: Godzilla 2014


When I was a child, before the Fox Network was really a thing, there was XETV in San Diego. You could say XETV was the genesis of many of my nerd addictions. Every evening from Monday through Friday XETV would show a four hour block of various classic genre films, switching themes from week to week. One week it might be all Bruce Lee and martial arts movies. The next it could be Abbot & Costello or classic movie monsters-sometimes both together! But the best weeks to me were always the Godzilla weeks, featuring the mother of all giant lizards squaring off against all manner of colossal baddies. Mothra, Rodan, Mecha Godzilla and all the rest would match up with the heroic reptile in titanic battles with the fate of humanity-or at least Tokyo-on the line. I would be surprised to find that there are any original era Godzilla films I haven’t seen at one point or another. So, you can have your Gamara full of turtle meat, Godzilla is the true King of the Monsters in my book, and of that there can be no question. So when a modernized big budget take on this bad ass behemoth comes to the screen, suffice it to say…


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