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Movie Review: Ender’s Game


Another link in the thematic chain of violence enacted by and directed toward children, that seems to be gripping Hollywood recently, Ender’s Game displays for us an army of children trained in military strategy, war games, and technology from a very young age, in order to do battle with the Earths enemies. With the box office success of The Hunger Games it’s no surprise that mainstream Hollywood would follow up with a string of films in the same vein. What exactly does that say about the cultural milieu that we currently inhabit and why audiences are flocking to see these films? Have we been reawakened to the potentially violent nature of adolescence by the increase in school shootings in the last two decades, or is it something else? It will be interesting to see how cultural historians look back on this trend and analyze it, and what conclusions and theories they draw from it in the future. Before I digress too far let’s get back to Ender’s Game….

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