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Movie Review: Elysium


Elysium, written and directed by the mastermind that brought us District 9, is a refreshingly new conceptualization of our near future with a side dish of sic-fi. But instead of the presence of an alien race acting as a catalyst to invoke violence and inspire antagonistic behavior, it is simply implied that humans of two different social statuses are meant to be separate when we have become overpopulated and destroyed many resources, resulting in the creation of a massive habitat within Earth’s orbit that is populated only by the super rich – Elysium; a self-sustained orbital station with its own atmosphere. The look and feel of the film is practically identical to that of District 9, though on a far grander scale. Writer/Director Neill Blomkamp has proven that he can not only play in the big leagues, but also leave quite an impression. A visual effects artist by trade, Blomkamp learned how to connect with an audience through lasting visual impression; hence the strong focus on art direction and rather ‘down to earth’ mechanical concepts that make this film so fun to watch.


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