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Movie Review: Carrie (2013)


A remake of the classic 1976 film and Stephen King’s first novel adapted for film or television, Carrie follows the tragic circumstances and alienation of social outcast Carrie White.  It’s difficult enough being a teenager, dealing with puberty, the psychological transition to adulthood, and social interactions among peers.  For Carrie White, those challenges are exacerbated by the extreme sheltering of her overbearing religious zealot mother.  Carrie, who it is revealed has only recently entered public school due to state intervention from her mother’s homeschooling, finds herself ostracized by her fellow classmates immediately.  After a particularly horrific event perpetuated by her lack of knowledge about her own body as well as her classmates ruthlessness and lack of empathy, she becomes the object of ridicule and learns just how low she sits in the social hierarchy of her high school.  When handsome and popular Tommy Ross asks her to prom Carrie reluctantly agrees and finds herself at odds with her insane mother and susceptible to further scrutiny from her peers as she seeks to take control of her own life.  Unfortunately, for both her mother and her high school peers, Carrie is special, and they soon learn that sometimes people can only be pushed so far before they fight back.

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