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MOONCRY Release New Video


Exactly one year after releasing their dark melancholy masterpiece “A Mirror’s Diary”, Mooncry now present us the first video for the album: “Scylla”.

For this, Mooncry use their distinctive formula: singer Sali Hasan’s rough voice faces the eerily beautiful symphonic melodies and power metal riffs of his band mates.

For the video, the guys from South Germany found inspiration in literature and captured the story “Kinder des Judas” (translated: Children Of Judas) with approval by author Markus Heitz. The novel is set in Serbia in the 17th century. After undergoing a traumatic childhood, the main character Scylla is turned to a vampire against her will and lives on Earth for over 400 years. (more information)

You can watch the video including bite attacks, car chase, murder and love affairs here:

The work on the follow-up album are already under way.



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