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MONOLYTH Debut Album Out Now


Portuguese death/groove metal act MONOLYTH has released its debut album «Origin» in October 10. The momentum was celebrated with a blazing show at Bar do Estudante with their countrymen REVOLUTION WITHIN, KRITTER, TERROR EMPIRE and SOTZ.

«Origin» was recorded in Audioplay/Palco Central Studios, in Portugal, with producers Andrés Malta and André Rodrigues, this latest being responsible for the mixing and mastering at Fullpower Studios. The record also comprises special featurings by André Macedo [COLOSSO, ex-NEBULOUS] and Andrés Malta [MUNCHIES, ex-BEAUTIFUL VENOM] on the tracks «Fake Symptom» and «Denied And Broken», respectively.

Vocalist MP Marcelo states about the record:
“We tried to be a bit odd and don’t focus in just one way of writing. That’s why we have songs like the mellow «Denied And Broken» followed by heavy pieces such as «Imprisoned” or, in my opinion, the greatest highlight on the record – «Obsolete». This track pretty much defines not only our musical mindset for this album but also, probably, a rite of passage for things to come. When we got into the studio we had 40% of the songs done. Then we spent a long time taking care of all the details, measuring changes, leads, solos, etc.”

The tracklisting is as follows:
01. «Catharsis»
02. «The Exile»
03. «Rupture»
04. «Imprisoned»
05. «The Catalyst»
06. «Obsolete»
07. «Denied And Broken»
08. «Origin»
09. «Salvaging»
10. «Fake Symptom»
11. «My Redemption»

MONOLYTH claims their sound to be a diverse and noxious mixture of many of their main inspirations such as LAMB OF GOD, MESHUGGAH, GOJIRA, MACHINE HEAD, DEVIN TOWNSEND and many others. The band was formed by guitarist Tiago Martins and drummer Victor Butuc around 2009. After playing together and jamming for some months, the search for a lead vocalist started and ended up with (MP) Marcelo taking the place, followed by their first bass player Pedro Maia and guitarist Gonçalo Lemos. Following Maia’s departure in February 2012, João Mota joined band. After playing the songs that would end up in their first album for about a year and a half, they experienced yet another line-up change and David Alves becomes the band’s new bass player in July 2013.


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