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MISERY KILLS (formerly MISERY) Set To Unleash New Album In Early 2015


New York’s MISERY KILLS (formerly known as MISERY) is set to release their first full-length album, My Ugly Insides, under the new band name.

Hailing from the Long Island area, the members of MISERY KILLS are reinvigorated and ready to take on the world one city at a time with a batch of new songs coupled with a desire to dominate any stage they set foot on.

Assembled in the early new millennium, founders/brothers – vocalist John and Joe LoCasto (bass), through their shared love for the metal/hardcore genre teamed up with longtime friends Corey Schaefer (guitar) and Scott Borrero (drums), and guitar tech turned full-time guitarist Duane Conlon.

Citing influences such as hardcore heavyweights and New York area brethren – Madball and Sick of it All to the commercial metal sounds of Pantera and Guns N’ Roses, MISERY KILLS has successfully amalgamated influence with vision and perseverance to create one hell of a comeback record.

“The main reason for the name change is we were sick and tired of people saying to us, ‘I Googled Misery and I could not find you,’” asserts bassist Joe LoCasto. “In this day and age you need to be easily accessible on the web. When you search for Misery you either get the movie, a goddamn Maroon 5 song and so on. Within the band we really don’t feel like we changed our name, just expanded it a little bit.”

For My Ugly Insides, which is slated for release early 2015, the band has once again teamed up with engineer/producer and friend Joey Z (Life of Agony, Stereomud), who also produced MISERY’s 2008 independent release – 15 Years of Aggression, and 2011’s Evil is Crowned.

“Working with Joey Z is just so natural for us now,” says Joe. “We’ve done three full lengths and a few demos with him behind the board so he’s kind of like a sixth member now. Joey knows our band in and out and knows how to pull the best of that New York attitude out of us.”

As MISERY, the group reached many milestones, which included climbing to the FMQB Top 10 and CMJ charts, and with a big push from Jose Mangin (Sirius XM’s Liquid Metal), the band built a solid following by touring relentlessly earning an invitation to tour the east coast with their hometown heroes and metal greats – Life of Agony as well as sharing the stage with DevilDriver, Kittie and Kataklysm for their first ever full US tour.



My Ugly Insides Track List:

  1. Eight Fortysix Thirty
  2. Eyes Wide Open
  3. Poltroon
  4. 13 Miles
  5. Last Chance
  6. Drama Queen
  7. Kills My Day
  8. Sick Around You
  9. White Trash
  10. Give Em’ Hell
  11. My Ugly Insides


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