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Michael Biehn Shows Fans A Darker, Sadistic Side In His Latest Film Hidden In The Woods


Someone is in a really bad mood. Image via horrormagazin.de

We all know him from Aliens, Terminator, The Abyss, and countless other movies, but Michael Biehn is about to show you a whole new side of his acting prowess. Meet Daddy.

The remake of a Chilean horror movie, Hidden stars Micheal Biehn as Oscar Crocker, an abusive drug dealer raising his two daughters on his own after the death of their Mom. Oscar is not only a dealer and user, he is also an alcoholic and somewhat psychotic, who regularly abuses his daughters in every way imaginable. After one horrific bout of abuse, the police are called in to investigate the incident, which is oddly enough the exact moment that Oscar decides to snap and goes on a murder spree leading to his arrest. In the middle of the chaos his daughters, along with his grandson, are able to escape and seek refuge in their old cabin in the woods on the outskirts of town. With no money and no job skills, the oldest daughter, Anna, is forced into prostitution in order to raise enough money for them to eat and to buy three one way bus tickets out of town in hopes of leaving their horrible past behind. Sounds promising until someone escapes from jail, and isn’t happy with his girls.

William Forsythe stars as Uncle Costello, the drug lord Oscar works for, who, once he finds out Oscar has been arrested, sends someone after his nephew to kill him so he doesn’t rat his Uncle out to the cops. Oscar doesn’t like that either and goes on another impressive murder spree (at times in just a towel) and breaks out of jail. As bait to get Oscar into a final show down Uncle Costello sends for Oscar’s daughters, against their own will, which really pisses the girls off. The finale is an interesting one, with much therapy needed for those who survived it. Great flick but heavy on sexual violence towards women (just a head’s up, it is part of the story.)

Well shot with great visuals and vibrant characters, the movie is a solid remake that should not be watched by the faint of heart.

Hidden In The Woods

A Blanc/Biehn Production starring Micheal Biehn, Chris Browning, William Forsythe

Original movie trailer can be seen here:

Release date December 2nd (DVD Premiere)


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