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Metalville Records And Nuclear Blast Records Unite To Release New Music This Fall


Metalville Records, as part of a new joint licensing venture withNuclear Blast Records, is set to release the physical versions of three highly anticipated albums this fall from regarded acts such as  THRESHOLD, WHILE HEAVEN WEPT, and SONATA ARCTICA.

Scheduled for release in North America on November 18th, Metalville will issue the following titles: THRESHOLDFor The Journey, WHILE HEAVEN WEPT – Suspended At Aphelion, and SONATA ARCTICA Ecliptica Revisited (15th Anniversary Edition).

Metalville Records CEO Holger Koch states, “Since the start of Metalville our friends at Nuclear Blast have always offered strong support and pushed our releases in their mail order and magazine in Europe, and now they give us the chance to help them in North America. We love their music and will handle it with the same care we show our own music.”

In addition to the aforementioned new releases, Metalville will re-release sought after titles from Nuclear Blast’s back catalog in Europe and North America, some of which have not been available for over a decade. The upcoming Nuclear Blast Archive Series will include titles such as: PRIMAL FEAR’s self-titled debut album from 1998, AFTER FOREVER’s Prison Of Desire from 2000, DESTRUCTION’s Metal Discharge from 2003, SAMAEL’sReign Of Light from 2004, and KATAKLYSM’s In The Arms Of Devastation from 2006,plus many more to come.

Nuclear Blast HQ Product Manager Tobias Pfletschinger shares the following about this creative joint venture with Metalville Records: “We are very happy about this cooperation. Nuclear Blast and Holger Koch share a very long history and always had a healthy and fruitful relationship. The idea of working together was up in the air for quite awhile.  Finally, we got the ball rollin’ and are excited what the future will bring.”



THRESHOLD – For The Journey

1. Watchtower On The Moon

2. Unforgiven

3. The Box

4. Turned To Dust

5. Lost In Your Memory

6. Autumn Red

7. The Mystery Show

8. Siren Sky

Bonus Track:

9. I Wish I Could



1. Introspectus

2. Icarus And I

3. Ardor

4. Heartburst

5. Indifference Turned Paralysis

6. The Memory Of Bleeding

7. Souls In Permafrost

8. Searching The Stars

9. Reminiscence Of Strangers

10. Lifelines Lost

11. Retrospectus



1. Blank File

2. My Land

3. 8th Commandment

4. Replica

5. Kingdom For A Heart

6. Fullmoon

7. Letter To Dana

8. UnOpened

9. Picturing The Past

10. Destruction Preventer

Bonus Track:

11. I Can’t Dance (GENESIS cover song)


For more information on Metalville Records:

Official Site



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