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Metal Life Sneak Preview Of Nintendo Handheld Games


Metal Life Magazine was invited to check out some new titles from Nintendo for the WiiU and 3DS games. We also checked out their new initiative called Amiibos.

Our field reporters Will and Danii were excited to check out what Nintendo had to present. Here is their report:


All of the games that we played were handheld, although the WiiU was hooked up to a TV to give a better view of the gameplay. Nintendo let us know that the 2DS will be at a new affordable price of $100 and they have a couple of new colors: a transparent blue and a transparent red.

Our favorite game on 3DS was Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire which will hit stores this Friday (Nov 21) . It was a quick demo to give the feel for gameplay and battle mechanics. We are really looking forward to this game. It is a combination of Pokemon from the whole series but with the new 3D gameplay of the X and Y versions which give you more freedom and the ability to “catch ’em all”.

On the WiiU we got the opportunity to play a few good titles:

  1. “Captain Toad Treasure Tracker” is a puzzle game featuring Toad from the Mario Franchise and his first appearance as the main character and the only playable character in a video game. Each level presents a new challenge for Toad to navigate through  deceptively simple looking but very complex puzzles.


  1. “Hyrule Warriors” is a hack and slash “Dynasty Warriors” style game using characters from the Zelda franchise. A very over the top, non stop action game where you can take out a whole group of enemies in mere seconds with awesome combos and special abilities.


  1. “Bayonetta 2” was one of our favorites to play. Although this game is not as “open world” as a lot of games out there, it makes up for that with the artistry and violence of the combo attacks. From switching out weapons/abilities mid-fight to summoning demons to take out giant bosses at an extremely fast pace, this game keeps you hooked and not wanting to put down the controller.

We also got to learn a bit about the new Amiibo characters that can be used for specific titles. Amiibos are physicals figures of some of your favorite Nintendo characters that you can collect and use in certain games such as: Super Smash Bros, Hyrule Warriors, soon to be Mario Kart 8 and Mario Party 10. These figures are scanned to your Wii U and then available to use in-game. Amiibos offer a whole new way to interact with video games and we are excited to see how the Amiibos are accepted by video game fans everywhere.


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