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Metal Life Show Review: NAPALM DEATH Through Space and Grind Tour Los Angeles Show


On a gloomy, rainy Sunday, metal heads came out of the woodwork to go see Napalm Death, Voivod, Exhumed, Iron Reagan, and The Black Crown Initiate in Los Angeles, CA.

The show started slow with the newcomers The Black Crown Initiate opening up the show. Although, not many people seemed to know who they were, they definitely were known after the show. The contrast between clean singing and low growling go the audiences’ attention, and James Dorton is an amazing vocalist that just guttural blasted out “A Great Mistake” flawlessly. The band’s musician-ship was flawless during the show, and it seemed the members were in perfect sync.

Things got intense and thrashy as soon as Iron Reagan came out. Since their songs are not longer than two minutes long, they played over a dozen songs while onstage, never losing their tenacity to make the room move faster and faster. Playing songs such as “Miserable Failure” “U-Lock the Bike Cop” and “Your Kids’ An Asshole” just made the start and stop of the pit even more insane. It was especially awesome to see Barney from Napalm Death join the guys in a SS Decontrol cover of “Glue.” After their set, singer Tony Foresta grabbed the pole to the band’s banner, and proceeded to pole-vault into the pit to be one with the crowd. A lot of people weren’t prepared for that, and I almost got kicked in the face, but it was awesome nonetheless.

Exhumed came out in a blaze of gory glory to pummel the crowd into oblivion. The photo pit was incredibly crowded and it was difficult to not get distracted and just start head-banging furiously. Matt Harvey is always awesome live, and his guitar playing and singing never disappoints. At one point of their set, the bassist Bud Burke, gets his head stuck in a guillotine by the butcher, and gets his head cut off! Afterwards the butcher was taunting and threatening the crowd with a bloody chainsaw while he was dressed in a crude surgeons outfit. It was a grim and awesome sight to see.

When Voivod came out, I was not expecting them to have such high energy for an old band from the eighties. Although when they came out, Snake aka Denis Belanger, did surprise me when he belted out “Ripping Headaches.” The power of the band was unbelievable and I wished that I would have that kind of vitality when I’m that much older.

When Napalm Death came out, all hell broke loose. Playing an amazing twenty songs on their setlist, their energy didn’t seem to fade all night. All band members were moving at one-hundred percent. And even though Barney had a broken arm, it didn’t stop him from thrashing around like his usual self. I’m actually pretty convinced the pain in his arm made him even angrier and more aggressive as the show went on. Bassist Shane Embury, guitarist Mitch Harris, and drummer Danny Herrera all played with similar ferocity, and killed the House of Blues Sunset with their grind. I know it was only in February, but I’m positive it’s going to be one of the best shows this year.

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Here are some pictures from the show.


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