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Metal Life review of Metal Alliance Tour 2013 show in San Diego, CA


Metal Life Magazine attended the San Diego, CA show of the Metal Alliance Tour 2013 at the San Diego House of Blues on March 22nd.

Holy Grail opened things up and got the crowd going. Their half hour set was enough to make sure that the San Diego House of Blues was awake and ready for a night of metal. Next up was Municipal Waste with their Nuclear Assault style thrash metal. The pit really got moving as more late comers arrived at the venue. The bar was hopping and since the show had sold out, the upstairs bar was also open. The floor area filled up quickly and Municipal Waste once again destroyed the San Diego House of Blues.


Municipal Waste pics

After 40 minutes of thrash insanity, High on Fire took the stage and pummeled those still standing into submission. A relentless onslaught of a set, High On Fire delivered a well executed set that showcased their talent and raw power. Many bands are described as a freight train hitting you in the face, but High On Fire lived up to that promise Monday night.


High On Fire pics

Then, after another stage set up change, the mighty Exodus took to the stage and the San Diego House of Blues erupted into a frenzy. The thrash metal legends delivered old tracks and new quickly taking control of the crowd and delivering the goods. Exodus started off with ‘The Ballad of Leonard and Charles’ off of ‘Exhibit B: The Human Condition.’ They followed this with ‘A Lesson Violence,’ ‘War is My Shepherd,’ ‘Piranha’ and then one of the highlights of the entire evening was the crowd helping sing ‘Blacklist.’ And if that wasn’t enough, Exodus then further proved their thrash supremacy with ‘Bonded By Blood,’ ‘Toxic Waltz,’ and finished us off with ‘Strike of the Beast.’ Having seen Exodus many times over the years, this reviewer has to say that Exodus are still a force to be reckoned with. If you have not seen Exodus live (either because you are insane or your House of Blues is owned by Disney), then get out there and see them. The Metal Alliance is still rolling so check your local listings and go ‘Beyond the Pale.’


Exodus pics

The night finished off with Anthrax performing ‘Among The Living’ in its entirety with a few classics thrown in for good measure. Blasting through the first five tracks of ‘Among The Living,’ Anthrax then played ‘In the End’ off their ‘Worship Music’ album before a crowd pleasing cover of ACDC’s ‘TNT.’ Next up was ‘March of the SOD,’ the opening track to Stormtroopers of Death’s (SOD) debut ‘Speak English or Die.’ Since SOD was essentially made up of Anthrax members (Scott Ian, Charlie Benante, Dan Lilker (ex Anthrax at the time), + Psychos bassist Billy Milano), the song has a special place in the hearts of long time Anthrax fans. They often play that song live and it always sounds good. Next up was the classic ‘I Am Alive’ followed by the rest of the ‘Among The Living’ album. For the first encore, Joey was nowhere to be seen and two mics where in the spotlights. If you have seen Anthrax live before, you know that when the vocalist goes awol (picks up the drum sticks) and Charlie Benante is standing in one of those spotlights, it is time for the rap-metal parody ‘I’m The Man.’ Charlie Benante and Scott Ian trade off vocals as they play the song to the delight of the fans singing along. And then, as if the crowd wasn’t destroyed enough by Holy Grail, Municipal Waste, High on Fire, then Exodus laying down the chaos, Anthrax decide to finish the evening with ‘Antisocial.’ The entire crowd screaming ‘You’re anti… you’re anti-social’ was a surreal experience and a perfect finish to a perfect night.


Anthrax pics

Metal Alliance Tour 2013 still going strong, remaining dates are listed HERE.

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