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Metal Life Review Of Horror TV Series “The Returned” Season 2 Premiere


Set in beautiful Annecy, France, The Returned is the story of a mysterious town where deceased residents are coming back to life, without explanation, after several tragedies had occurred in the town, killing hundreds of residents. In season one we see the lakeside town’s dam give way, killing everyone that lived in the lower levels of town. Season two starts six months after the dam gave way, with residents that choose to not be evacuated by the military after the flood, trying to rebuild their lives. The military has descended upon the town, trying to determine why the dam failed, and why the waters have yet to recede. An architect by the name of “Berg” is brought in by the military to help answers these questions, but the character is really a question all unto himself. Berg is from the area, but is unwilling to share what he knows about the area with the military, and seems to have insight into the dam’s demise but is also unwilling to share that as well. It should be noted that every character and every situation is shrouded in mystery and not really what it appears to be. And that is exactly what makes this beautifully french series intriguing.

The story also revolves around a young woman named Adele who is pregnant with a very unusual baby, and who has several times tried to abort her child for fear of what will come from its birth, but you aren’t exactly sure why its unusual or why she hates it but the story line is so enthralling, you are quite content to wait until you do. All while Berg is trying to answer dam questions and Adele is trying to kill her unborn child, other characters float in and out of the story line, some are dead, some are not. Those who are dead and return are tracked down by a group in town called Helping Hands who believe it is their job to assist the dead in their transition from death to walking among the living. Some people who “return” have been dead for decades, some for months, and there doesn’t seem to be any rhythm or reason to their coming back. Plus, super natural creatures are running around in the woods, killing and maiming the wildlife, and no one knows why that is happening either. But again, the characters, dialog, and scenery are so intriguing, you don’t need all the answers to your questions, because you know,, or at least have hope, that all things will be answered in the next episode. Or the next one… If you have any love at all for intensely mysterious stories shrouded in fantastical horror scenarios, watch The Returned.

About Season Two:
The second season picks up six months after the deceased disappeared into the mountains with Simon (Pierre Perrier), Camille (Yara Pilartz), her mother, Claire (Anne Consigny), Julie (Céline Sallette) and the mysterious youngster Victor (Swann Nambotin). Since then, nothing has been heard of them. Now, Adèle (Clotilde Hesme) is about to give birth to Simon’s child, part of the town is still flooded and the dam remains under surveillance. Rumors abound that the dead have returned, but the authorities refuse to believe them. The rare witnesses have chosen to remain silent or are not taken seriously, among them Léna (Jenna Thiam) and her father, Jérôme (Frédéric Pierrot), who have not given up hope of finding Claire and Camille. But when a mysterious man named Berg (Laurent Lucas) pays a visit to the town, it appears he knows more than he claims. 


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