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Metal Life movie review: Shockwave Darkside


SYNOPSIS : Five soldiers, shot down and behind enemy lines in a battle over water, frozen in the deep craters of the lunar surface, find themselves marooned on the dark side of the moon. With depleting air and supplies, they have no choice but to start a dangerous trek through hostile territory. As their numbers dwindle and nerves fray, they make an amazing discovery about the moon that just might save their lives, but destroy the very cause that they are fighting for.

Inspired by the storytelling of classic science-fiction literature from the 50’s, but with a 21st century twist, Shockwave, Darkside is an exciting, thoughtful and timely exploration of the tense collision between faith and reason.

REVIEW: Starring Bill Sage (Boardwalk Empire), Mei Melancon (Nightmare Code), Sonequa Martin-Green (The Walking Dead) and Rich Ceraulo (Supergirl), this ten year labor of love by director Jay Weisman attempts to tell the story of 5 soldiers stuck behind enemy lines in a war for water.

The earth has been rendered uninhabitable through the poisoning of water resources, which leads humanity to create a new home on the moon. However, water is in scarce supply on the lunar surface, which creates a desperate struggle for survival.  Through this struggle, the human race divides itself into two groups, those who believe in a faith based system, and those who do not. Both groups actively seek to destroy the other in hopes of gaining control of the natural resources. In the midst of the war, a particular group of fighters, on their way to the front lines, are shot down en route, and find themselves stranded without hope of rescue.

Throughout the movie, between dodging enemy fire, dealing with dwindling air supplies, and crew members dying off, the characters discuss the morality of religious systems, what exactly in life is worth dying for, and the propaganda that keeps wars going.

Seriously heavy content that is delivered in a rather unique outer space setting, but does drive its point home fairly well. The action is good, the storyline compelling, special effects are interesting, and the characters are fairly solid. Gaps in the story line and overzealous digital effects break the continuity of the film up, and create some distractions at inopportune moments in the movie. Despite its shortcomings, we would recommend giving the film a go at least once.


Shockwave, Darkside is available on VOD January 5, 2016.



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