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Metal Life Magazine Exclusive Interview With Jag Panzer, We Discuss The New Album and more


Metal Masters Jag Panzer are back in the proverbial saddle again, and hitting up the European festival circuit with fresh metal-music fire for their loyal fans. Guitarist and founding member Mark Briody found the time between playing shows, hanging with his family, and working on their upcoming release to answer a few questions for us at Metal Life, and we couldn’t be any more grateful.


1) So what is the status of the new album?

I’ve got one song completed and about 7 more in various stages of completion. I’m trying to pick up the writing pace a little bit, but I can never rush it. I want to give each song the attention it deserves.


2) While looking for a new singer, what made you decide to reunite with Harry “The Tyrant” Conklin?

Harry ended up having more time available. He told me previously that he was trying to scale back on his music, but things changed and he was able to devote time to the band again.


3) How many shows are you planning on playing this year? Any plans on an official tour?

I think we have 5 shows this year. 4 in Europe and 1 in the U.S. We plan to do some more shows next year (definitely more in the U.S.) and we hope for a tour next year as well.


4) I have read a few different versions now of how the name “Jag Panzer” came into being. Can you set the record straight?

We were called ‘Tyrant’ but after sending out our demo we found out that there were a few other bands with the same name. We started putting together a list of new names. Our new label (at the time) Azra Records also contributed some ideas. We started looking into the names that we liked. We found one of the suggestions, Jagdpanzer, in an old book. It was a massive heavy tank. Very appropriate!


5) Any of your kids following in your foot steps, musically speaking?

My daughter Rowan has been playing in school band for years. She plays a variety of woodwinds. She just became the bass player in the school band. I bought her a black P-Bass like Steve Harris’s.


6) What keeps you inspired as an artist?

Just the feeling of picking up my guitar and hitting a few chords inspires me. I always get a charge out of playing an electric guitar; it’s never boring or routine for me.


7) What is one thing, about the band or yourself, that fans may not know about?

I always wanted to be a drummer! I can write music for drums, but I’m horrible at playing them. I’m possibly the worst drummer you’ve ever heard.


8) Looking back over your career, is there anything you wish you would have done differently?

In hindsight, we should have released an album right after ‘Ample Destruction’. We had all the songs written. Those songs eventually were released as the ‘Shadow Thief’ sessions, but they probably should have came out in 1985.



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