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Metal Life Magazine exclusive interview with Doris Yeh from Chthonic


Metal Life Magazine editor Terry Bunch recently interviewed Doris Yeh from Chthonic, an extreme metal band from Taiwan. They discussed the band’s new album, music videos, Doris almost getting severely injured and then a new idea was suggested to Doris to help the band reach a broader audience.


CHTHONIC’s seventh studio recording, Bú-Tik, was recorded at Sweden’s Sweetspot Studio by producer Rickard Bengtson, who also worked on 2011’s critically-lauded Takasago Army full-length. Centered around the story of the 228 Massacre, the Bú-Tik Palace and the Mirror Of Retribution, Bú-Tik highlights what bassist Doris Yeh describes as “righteous violence, justifiable defense, and the armed spirits!”

Their latest video off Bú-Tik, ‘Supreme Pain For The Tyrant” can be seen below:

Bú-Tik was released in North America via Spinefarm Records US digitally on June 18, 2013 and on CD June 25 2013.






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