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Metal Life Interviews Montetre, Director of ‘Zombie Cats From Mars’


Metal Life interviewed Montetré, director of the camp/sci-fi/horror movie ‘Zombie Cats From Mars’ among others. We discussed his roles in the movie, the cats themselves and his career.

Montetré is the director and producer of ‘Zombie Cats from Mars’, released in April.  This is his sixth feature film as director.  He’s also a talented screenwriter, editor and actor, recently playing Chad Galaxy in the children’s web-series  The Digits.  Some of his feature film credits include Nellanore, Pickled, Holed-up, MoonPi and Glare. In this case, we wanted to know about the fun sounding ‘cat’ movie!

Your name, it’s great. Where’s it originate? What’s the story behind it?

Thanks guy, I like my name, too.  I was the third in a line-up of people named Monty.  I am Monty Wayne Benton III, which is a mouthful.  As time went on, as I grew up, I started going by the name Montetré.


How long have you been making movies for?

Since I was a lil’ kid.  Hmm….  Since late middle-school, really.  did a lot of stuff back then.  My first feature was done at the age of 21.  It’s been 7 years and 5 more features since then.  The work became pro at the 5th, I feel, right before ZCFM (‘Zombie Cats From Mars’) .


Why this one?

The writer, Ryan, made me laugh.  The production was set to be swift (and it was).  Overall, sounded like another fun time on a film set to be had.


Aside from directing the movie, did you have it any other tasks on the film?

Oh yes, surely.  I began work by helping Ryan create the original outline, also chipping in a few ideas here or there for the official script.  I helped to cast the characters, when needed and to scout/furnish locations.  I also produced the film with Ryan, finally ending my work through editing the film, too.  Actually, I’m not done, yet.  I still have to find a few more musicians and do a lil’ more color-correcting.


Were any cats harmed in the making of the movie?

No way!  The humans were harmed, though.


Do you think there’s a particular cat that will be the breakout star of the film?

Oh yes.  They are all quite talented, but I have a feline that there’ll be bright lights, big kitty for many of the stars.


The movie seems to have turned into somewhat of a monster online – getting great press. How important is the internet to an independent movie like this?

Well, the internet is a tickly little behemoth.  Scratch it just right and it can give you a pat in return.  In short, the artists should always have their work out and about the interwebs.  Having good press is very key, too.  Still, it all depends on your product!  So, get started on your own stuff, you know, and if you push it yourself and with your core team, good tidings will surface.


And where and when can we get this movie!?

The movie is available to pre-order right meow through our company’s website at www.mwb3.com DVDs and Blurays of ‘Zombie Cats From Mars’ will ship on April 15th across the globe.  After that, we’ll start our international screenings.  Hope to see you there.


‘Zombie Cats From Mars’ IMDB profile



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