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Metal Life interviews “Last Man Club” cast and director Bo Brinkman


James Mackrell

James Mackrell has been a staple in American television since 1963. From spots on soap operas like General Hospital and Days Of Our Lives, to main stream movies such as Teen Wolf and Gremlins and even day time game shows, James has a resume most actors dream of. Here his latest role in the Last Man Club, James plays Eagle, a WWII vet trying to make sense out of his past, present, and future. James took a moment from the movie’s PR momentum to discuss his role and why we need to be paying for more attention, and respect, to our veterans.

Bo Brinkman

With films such as Gettysburg and God and Generals under his belt, Bo Brinkman is not stranger to the Hollywood scene. His latest work, Last Man Club, puts Bo behind the camera to capture all the feelings and emotions lost or forgotten veterans feel. It is a film that the entire cast takes great pride in, one that tells a story of both hope and despair, glory and honor, love and commitment. Here Bo discusses not only the Last Man Club movie, but all the fun and frustration that came with it and a few of his upcoming films that promise to be a genuine thrill ride.

Steve Wilder

Every great movie has a fantastic antagonist, and Steve Wilder’s character certainly fits the bill. Playing Dr Cliff Darby, Steve nails the role of “egotistical Dr with only the greater good for the hospital in mind” perfectly, allowing the audience to both like his charm and love his eventual downfall (it involves a bedpan…) With movies such as Iron Man 3, Nice Guys, and Josh Kirby: Time Warrior, Steve’s diverse background makes for a solid performance, and it was a blast to chat with him about not only the Last Man Club, but about life and work in general.

Official movie trailer can be seen here:

The Last Man Club

Written and Directed by Bo Brinkman

Starring James Mackrell, Kate French, William Morgan Sheppard

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