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Metal Life Interviews At San Diego Comic Con: “Falling Skies” From TNT


Falling Skies is a science fiction drama on TNT that follows the human resistance following an alien invasion of Earth. The series is currently in its final season that promises to be a series finale worthy of the huge fan base this show has gathered since it debuted in 2011.

Metal Life Magazine attended the roundtable press interview session at San Diego Comic Con on July 10th, 2015 to see if we could find out more about final series. We also wanted to know what the cast would be up to after the series ends.


We first sat down with Doug Jones, who plays Cochise, a friendly alien who helps the humans. Doug Jones is famous for his various character portrayals in movies and TV shows that all require many, many hours of makeup and Cochise is no exception. We discussed how bittersweet the final season is. “After three seasons of being in the makeup… I think I can be done.” stated Doug Jones. We also found out that in episode 4, Cochise will have scenes with his father which Doug Jones plays as well. Doug discussed that we will find out why the aliens came in the first place. Doug also promised that the series ends with proper closure. We then had a little talk about the possibility of Hellboy 3.

Here is a short clip from our interview with Doug Jones:



Next we talked with Sarah Carter, who plays Maggie and Drew Roy, who plays Hal. We discussed the final season and they revealed that we will see human versus human conflict as well as human versus alien. Sarah Carter revealed the final season is darker and that she wished it was darker still. Drew told us that the ending was kept from the cast until a few days before filming so that they would not know what was going to happen while filming the episodes leading up to the finale. Drew also discussed how his character Hal reacts to Tom is being more involved in the battle. Sarah Carter gave us an amazing quote about what is going to happen this series: “Maggie chooses herself…”



The next interview was with Connor Jessup, who plays Ben Mason, and Moon Bloodgood, who plays Anne Glass-Mason. We find out that “two characters go off the ledge and turn on the others” according to Moon Bloodgood. Connor told us that “the love triangle ends.” He also mentioned that the biggest change with this being the final season is that major things can be permanent, such as characters changing. We also find out that, yes, characters DIE. Connor then discussed the changes between Tom and Weaver’s interactions with each other and how each of them interacts with the rest of the characters.

Here is a short clip of our interview:


Next up was Colin Cunningham, who plays John Pope, who is the troublemaker and season five will finally show us where his true loyalties lie. Colin said he doesn’t get TNT at home so he can’t even watch the show as we do. This struck us as an interesting point. We often forget that actors don’t often see the edited, ready to air with commercials, version of the show they filmed. Colin asked the producers and writers to please kill off his character since the series was ending. “What is Pope going to do, open a delicatessen.”



Our final interview was with co-executive producer Olatunde Osunsanmi. He discussed how the cast are not only saying goodbye to their characters, but also the cast and crew, who have become like family. Olatunde told us that he asked the writers and other producers to make this final season more focused on the violence of war. When asked to summarize the final season, he said “In one word, REVENGE.”

Olatunde told us that there will be final decisive battle, however that battle may not be what we are expecting. We shall have to wait and see…

Now that Olatunde is finished with Falling Skies, he is working on the TV adaptation of Minority Report.

Here is a short clip of our interview:


Check out a gallery of pictures from season 5, the final season of Falling Skies:



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