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Metal Life Interviews At San Diego Comic Con: “Drunk History” From Comedy Central


Drunk History is a comedy series on Comedy Central featuring a drunk narrator recounting an event from American history while the actors enact the scenes and attempt to lip synch the dialog. The challenge, of course is to ensure that the lip synching matches the speech of someone who may or may not be able to pronounce anything that resembles words at all.

Drunk History debuted in 2013 and season three will debut in September 2015. Metal Life Magazine attended the roundtable press interview session at San Diego Comic Con on July 9th, 2015 to see if we could find out more about this hilarious show.

Below are a couple of videos of our interviews where the discussions ranged from the challenges faced during recording, season three, researching topics and of course drinking. We “accidentally” sat next to the press rep from Playboy for the interviews haha. Her place card is visible in the videos. We were impressed with her skillful placement of her place card.



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