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Metal Life interview with “Outsiders” cast Ryan Hurst and Kyle Gallner

Metal Life reporter Diana Marsh participated in a WGN Press Conference with “Outsiders” cast Ryan Hurst and Kyle Gallner. See what they had to say and check out Diana’s questions for them…


About “Outsiders”:

The Farrells live off the grid and above the law, enforcing their own set of long-held values and beliefs, governed by a simple but powerful tribal authority led by a Bren’in, or ruler, and a small council of elders.  Notoriously secretive and unforgiving when crossed, the Farrells find themselves in conflict with the residents of the nearest town nestled at the foot of Shay Mountain. These locals—and all others outside the tribe—embody greed, malice and all forms of corruption that must be avoided at all costs, making direct contact with the ‘Losties’ (termed by the Farrells) strictly forbidden.


For the last 20 years, an uneasy truce has generally presided between the ‘Losties’ and the family tribe of Shay Mountain—that is, until Big Coal enters the arena.  Never ones to back down from a fight, the Farrells will ultimately defend their way of life using any available means.


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