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Metal Life Interview With Michael Emerson Of “Person Of Interest” and “Lost”


Metal Life resident metal queen Diana Marsh participated in a conference call with Michael Emerson, star of the TV series “Person of Interest” on WGN America and of course, “Lost” fame.

Below is an audio clip of the call. Here is a transcript of the question Diana asked Michael Emerson:

And our next question comes from the line of (Diana Marsh). Ma’am, your line is open.

(Diana Marsh):      All right. Thank you, guys, for answering our questions. We really appreciate your time. My first question is for Michael. Michael, when you look at a role why do you choose a particular role? What jumps out at you and says, I need to play this?


Michael Emerson:

“I mean, I kind of go by whether the writing appeals to me and the character may be secondary, because I’m not looking to play a particular type or a particular quality or result. I just like to know that there’s going to be good language, you know, and a good atmosphere.

I responded to the pilot script for Person Of Interest because of its setting and the darkness of it, the paranoia of it. And also that the character I was going to be asked to play was a person with a particular way of talking. I like that.”


Here is the audio of the conference call that we participated in. Special thanks to the rest of the press representatives for their questions.

Here is a trailer for “Person of Interest”


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