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Metal Life Interview With Actor Bo Keister (Hillbilly Horror Show, Finding Waldo)


“Photo appears courtesy of Bombshell Studios, LLC and “The Endless Whispers”

Horror hound Bo Keister (Hillbilly Horror Show, House of Good and Evil) plans to give the funny bone a work out later this year when he switches gears for the David Mun directed Finding Waldo. To find out more about the film, as well as Bo’s other projects, we sat down with the man himself.


Congrats on Hillbilly Horror Show; you’re still doing it, so it must be doing well!

Thanks! Yeah, it’s going great. We’re up to 4 volumes and each new episode seems to be better than the one before. As long as our audience likes what we’re doing, we’re going to keep going.

Was that show your idea?

I’d love to take credit for it, but the show was the brainchild of my producing partner, Blu de Golyer. He pitched me the idea of doing a show that was, “Hee Haw meets Tales from the Crypt”, about a year ago, and we developed it from there.

You’d worked with those guys before, right?

I did. Blu & I met when he was producing his feature House of Good and Evil. I ended up helping them behind the scenes with a few things, and played Sheriff Hanituski in the film. We stayed in touch, and started bouncing around ideas for new projects. When he pitched Hillbilly Horror Show, it just fit, so we went with it.


The Cabining was recently released; what can you tell the readers about it?

Well, first of all, I am so proud of how this film turned out. Steve & Mike Kopera did an amazing job with it from start to finish.

The film itself is a hilarious, slasher-esque romp that’s in the vein of Shaun of the Dead. So, if you’re looking for grindhouse style gore, it’s not going to be your thing. But, if you enjoy a clever film, that pokes fun at the typical horror genre tropes, then you won’t want to miss this it.

And how close to the real Bo Keister was your character in it?

There’s a great deal of me in “Bruce”. I’m wide open the way he is, and I love to have fun. I also saw much of my own sense of humour in the character, which really helped me connect to him and bring him to life. He’s the party animal part of me, personified and amplified.

We believe you’ve a new movie you’re hoping to crowdfund. Hit us with it!

We are putting together an amazing new feature entitled, Finding Waldo, which is going to be a real departure from our past projects, and should surprise those who have followed our previous work.

My character, “Chance Reed”, is an ex pro football star whose life comes to crashing halt due to his battles with alcoholism and a fateful night of drunk driving. We pick up his story while he’s out on parole, and working in the mail room of a Lloyd’s of London-like insurance firm. He’s miserable and just can’t seem to pick up the pieces, until one day when he’s called to the president’s office and charged with going to interview eccentric novelist, Waldo Greene.

Waldo is claiming to be insane, and that certainly appears to be so, because he kidnaps me and takes me on the road trip from hell. In the end though, not everything is as it seems.

Our cast is going to be amazing! Richard Riehle, who I had the pleasure of working with on The Cabining, has joined us to play “Cyrus Motley”, the owner of the insurance firm. We’ve got Matthew Jacobs (The Emperor’s New Groove) coming in to play “Waldo Greene”. Hillbilly Horror Show star, Rachel Faulkner, plays “Lucy”, Motley’s secretary. And we just announced the addition of Tom Proctor (Guardians of the Galaxy) who is coming on to play “Bruno”, the owner of Crazy 8’s Strip Club. We’re really excited to have him.

It’s going to be a great film, and we really hope to encourage everyone out there to support it. We just launched our Indiegogo campaign, which is full of great perks, from memorabilia to being part of the production itself. Just visit our campaign page for all the info, and please donate and share.


So no blood in this one, I take it?

Well, definitely not horror-style blood, but trust me, Chance bleeds a lot, thanks to Waldo!



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