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Metal Life Gear Review: IK Multimedia iKlip Grip


Despite the fact that the box cover shows a dreaded selfie stick, we decided to review this item for its other uses… a tabletop camera and/or phone holder, using the extension stick vertically as a tripod and the Bluetooth remote to take pictures.

We took the iKlip Grip with us to San Diego Comic Con International and used it in our interviews to hold our camera for steady video shooting and we used it with the extension stick as a tripod for camera shots. The iKlip Grip is sturdy and well made. I would not try to mount anything too heavy on it, but for standard cameras and cellphones, the three feet are more than capable of supporting the weight.

The flexible iKlip Grip neck allows for a wide range of angles (probably intended for selfie stick usage) which was quite useful when we had to angle the camera when using it tabletop as each subject may have sat closer or further away from where we had our camera set up. This allowed us the freedom of leaving the camera in one place and adjust the neck angle as needed. This was also helpful when taller or shorter subjects sat at the table.

The Bluetooth remote allowed us to place the camera in the best location even if that was out of hands reach. Using the remote, we could take pics with the simple click of a button. Again, this technology was probably intended for selfie stick usage, but we used the remote for less evil purposes haha.

One other use we found for the iKlip Grip extension stick was to angle the camera and reach the stick up over our head and the heads of the crowd in front of us. Then, using the Bluetooth remote, we were able to get shots that we would not have been able to without the extension stick.

Overall, we are very impressed with the iKlip Grip. This will be added to our kit bag for all events we cover. Well done IK Multimedia, we will have to order a few more iKlip Grips. Get more info here.



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