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Metal Life exclusive interview with THY ART IS MURDER guitarist Andy Marsh


Thy Art Is Murder
Interview with Andy Marsh of THY ART IS MURDER
By: Terry Bunch
Date: Mar, 2013


1. The new album ‘Hate’ comes out April 5 in North America and has enjoyed great success in Australia. Tell us what we can expect from ‘Hate’.

Andy Marsh: A crushing extreme metal album that we worked our arses off to create!


2. ‘Hate’ was produced and mixed by Will Putney. How did working with Will affect your approach to recording this album?

Andy Marsh: Aside from his incredible engineering and mixing abilities he brought forward a great approach to preproduction. He really hammered us the first three days we were at the machine shop on song structure and wasted no time in telling us which riffs and song sections wouldn’t cut it. He really helped dissect and rebuild.


3. Do you think that any uniquely Australian cultural aspects have affected your lyrical content or the bands outlook?

Andy Marsh: No not at all. We live in the age of globalization and our lyrics and music are both influenced by world events and culture shifts.


4. For our gear obsessed readers, what types of guitars/bass/drums/etc do you play?

Andy Marsh: I play an Ibanez prestige rg 1527 and Tom plays ESPs and a home made modified Ibanez/tele that he’ll soon be giving up for a competition prize. Sean plays a Warwick streamer bass and uses a samsamp normally into an Eden or ampeg rig. Lee plays mapex Saturn series drums and Sabian cymbals. When we’re at home Tom and I have 5150 and Mesa recto rigs into Mesa cabs but lately we’ve been trialling the axe fx on all our fly dates and Europe to save on baggage costs.


5. You recently toured Australia with Fear Factory. How was that tour? Are there any fun stories you want to share?

Andy Marsh: I didn’t do the tour as I had some prior touring commitments with amity, the ghost inside and architects. A hilarious friend of ours Fez from resist the thought filled in on bass and Sean played rhythm guitar for the three shows. The guys said they had an awesome time though and copped some sweet stories from Dino’s guitar tech whose apparently a bit of a legend.


6. What are your tour plans for 2013?

Andy Marsh: Well at the moment I’m down in Tasmania finishing up a solid two months away from home. We spent a month in Europe then flew home for a few shows then straight to New Zealand and now Tasmania. Europe was a blast and it was sweet to tour a few places closer to home that not many people make it out to. Coming up we have a few months off to recoup, earn some money and pay some rent while writing for the next album. After that its straight back to Europe for festival season and some shows with parkway and btbam. There’s some stuff penciled in for straight off the back of that both in Europe and in the us but we will have to wait and see how that pans out. Cross your fingers!


7. Where would be your “dream” gig and who would you play with?

Andy Marsh: Anywhere in Poland with BEHEMOTH. I think that would be wild.


8. Our magazine also explores the hobbies and interests of metal fans, such as video games, movies, comics, etc. What are some of the things you guys do in your down time?

Andy Marsh: I love my xbox. I play a lot of first person shooters and sports games. CJ and I have an open ended series battle on FIFA that’s spanned 4 editions, two platforms and a few continents. Lately it’s been farcry 3 and black ops ii. The single player sucks but online seems ok so far. Otherwise I drink alot of coffee and scotch. That’s a hobby right?


9. Is there anything else that you want to share with the readers?

Check out the new Northlane record and buy ours when it comes out on April 2nd on nuclear blast. YouTube pet penguin.



Rising from the unhallowed wastes of Western Sydney, extreme metal outfit Thy Art Is Murder have carved a trail of bloody mayhem since their inception in 2006. With an acclaimed EP and debut album in Infinite Death and The Adversary to their name, the band have traversed the highways and autobahns of Australia, the UK and Europe on a relentless crusade to destroy every venue and audience they can with like minded peers in a who’s who of heavy metal.

2012 brings a new ritual offering of darkness from the five piece. Simply titled Hate, the band’s second full length is the pointed result of Thy Art Is Murder’s growing dissatisfaction with all aspects of modern life – political, religious, social and environmental – everyone is to blame. Fusing the blasting technicality of metal luminaries The Black Dahlia Murder with thunderous breakdowns and the intensity born of their nascent hometown scene; the blackened grandeur of Behemoth and the pit churning groove of Tampa originators Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse, the furious musical arrangements provide a bloody canvas for vocalist CJ McMahon’s outpourings of bile.

No strangers to stoking controversy and criticism, the band have not toned down their art for the sake of palatability and have introduced a morose melodicism into their maelstrom – the rumination before pulling the trigger. With their best work to date ready to be unleashed on an unsuspecting world, Thy Art Is Murder will once again take to the road to unleash the Hate with one simple message – get in the pit or get out of the way.


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