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Metal Life Exclusive Interview With Tarja Turunen (ex NIGHTWISH)


1) You have a new album that was recently released (that is absolutely fantastic), could you please tell our readers about it?

It is my very first classical debut called “Ave Maria-En Plein Air”. The album consists many different Ave Maria songs, some very known ones and others very rare ones. Also on the album there is my own composition of Ave Maria. This album was recorded in Church of the Plain in Seinäjoki, Finland in 3 days together with organist, cellist and harpist. It is a very quiet, more intimate and very different than any other of my previous releases. If you like classical music, you should listen this one 🙂

2) Are you returning to a more traditionally classical sound, or is this album just a single project you wanted to try?

I wanted to do a proper classical recording since a long time ago, but I just couldn’t find a perfect time for it earlier. I have a career on both classical and rock music scene since I am touring with both music styles constantly. It is just matter of time again when I can record my second classical album.


3) What inspired you to create En Plein Air?

My work in classical music has been my strength to keep on going strong as a singer. I wanted to record an Ave Maria album, since I have always loved singing them in my classical concerts. My voice sounds as it’s best in chamber music, so this album is particularly important to me. I was studying singing many years, so finally now I have a product that really represents my knowledge as a lyrical singer. I was fascinated to find out that there are more than 4000 Ave Marias written…I needed to make a research in order to find the pieces I wanted to have on the album and that would make the album interesting enough. It was a really interesting and long process, but worth it.

4) Will there be a tour or set of shows to help promote the album?

I am going to be touring in Europe in December with the album.

5) You have toured all over the planet, but are there still any countries or cities that you have not played for that you would still like to?

I think the world is big, so there are plenty of places and countries where I haven’t been able to present my music yet. I would love to visit more exotic places and tour more in Asia and US.

6) How many days a year are you on the road? How do you balance road life with family life?

I am away from home more or less around 8 months per year. This depends on the projects I am having going on of course, but touring is not the only reason that takes me away from home. I am for example working in “The Voice” of Finland-TV show and recording my albums all over the world among my other activities with music. My daughter of 3 years old has always been with me everywhere until today. This situation eventually will change pretty soon when she starts her school, but we have been very lucky of having her around us. She is totally fine with the chaotic lifestyle and ever changing schedules, because that’s what she knows. My working routines haven’t changed after her birth, I only need to take care that she is been taken care whilst on the road.

7) Out of all of the interviews that you have done, what is one question that you get asked the most that you are rather tired of answering?

Well, I don’t know if this is the question that’s been asked still the most, but I am really tired of answering if I would go back to sing with Nightwish.

8) What bands or musicians are you currently listening to?

Muse, Tori Amos, Craig Armstrong’s sound tracks

9) What is something about yourself that your fans may not already know about you?

Oh my, they know plenty of things about me in general, much more than I might even know I guess.

10) Finally, what is one piece of advice you could give to new vocalists that you wished you knew when you first started performing?

Be brave to say what you really think about things and don’t try to please everybody all the time.

Thank you so much for your time Tarja! It is greatly appreciated. Good luck on the journey ahead!

Thank you for the support and nice words! The show must go on…

With love, Tarja

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