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Metal Life exclusive interview with Sean Flanery about his jujitsu non profit Christmas 14


Sean Flanery has had an incredible career in the entertainment world. He has played everything from a saint to a sinner, from big screen badass to soap opera heart throb, with one goal in mind; to build a legacy. That legacy eventually manifested itself into a beautiful obsession with training in the martial arts, or more specifically, Brazilian Jujitsu. He even took a few years off from acting, at the height of his career, to earn his black belt in Brazilian Jujitsu and open a training studio in Hollywood, aptly named Hollywood Brazilian Jujitsu. Once the studio was established, Sean started the Christmas 14 program, a project designed to help fund students youth through adult who wanted to train at a high quality facility but couldn’t afford to. The response to the program has been outstanding, to the point of humbling. Here Sean talks about his passion for helping kids, why martial arts training is so important these days, and how you or someone you know may qualify for this program.

 Christmas 14

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