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Metal Life Exclusive Interview With Reunited PSYCHOTIC WALTZ


Metal Life Magazine founder and editor-in-chief Terry Bunch recently interviewed Devon Graves of the recently reformed San Diego, CA metal heroes PSYCHOTIC WALTZ. They talked about the band reuniting and their plans.


You have recently reformed to the delight of your fanbase. What are the plans for Psychotic Waltz in 2015?

It’s really hard to say. I mean we have been promising this album for 4 years now and we are only nearing half finished. So as much as I want to promise that for 2015, I just can’t be so sure. We are working on it. I think we are getting some really good stuff. It will be worth the wait.

Why the reunion now?

The stars have just aligned I guess. But I am really happy we did. As slow as the music is coming, it is not by lack of attention. We are working really hard to write the songs, while simultaneously recording and producing them on our own. Better than the old days by far because now we have our own studios to varying degrees. Mine is where the final product will be coming from. This is a LOT of fun. We never had this luxury (high end home production) back in the day. In fact, once I started with self producing with Deadsoul Tribe, because finally I had the means as digital technologies made it possible. I did enjoy the process making Deadsoul music pretty much alone, with all that autonomy I had been craving, but more and more I really began to miss Psychotic. I would think ” If only we had this studio back then.” So now I get to be in this band, with unlimited access to the “home studio” of my dreams, I am totally happy just being in the process. That’s probably part of why it’s taking so long. I am savouring the experience, and just trying to be sure I make the best musical decisions to achieve the bliss I want to feel in music.

Metal Life Magazine focuses on elements of Pop Culture that are of interest to fans of hard rock and heavy metal. What are some of your hobbies when you are not working on music?

The funny thing is, I LOVE creating, recording and mixing. My studio is my passion. Aside from that I spend a lot of time with my kids.  I would love to get more involved with film making, but that is a whole lifetime in itself. Gotta really admire Rob Zombie.

For the diehard fans in San Diego, CA, do you have a message for them?

Oh how I do miss you! I miss many friends and I think of you more than you know.


Stay tuned as Metal Life Magazine will be doing follow up interviews later this year to check in on Psychotic Waltz.


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