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Metal Life Exclusive Interview With RAVEN


Metal Life Magazine founder and editor-in-chief Terry Bunch recently interviewed John Gallagher of the NWOBHM metal legends RAVEN. They discussed the upcoming new album, which RAVEN song should be on a horror movie soundtrack and touring.

The new album, Extermination, will be released in April after five long years of no new Raven music. Tell us about the new album.

Well, we had a tall order following up the lst album Walk Through Fire…we discussed what we wanted to do: make the new album more direct, heavier, even more melodic – and I think thats exactly what we did!!! Theres fast songs, medium paced songs…rock and rollers…funny songs and even a bit of grandeur…but they all kick ass!

You have a few tour dates lined up for March and April. Any plans for more shows?

Yes, we are going to Japan in July.. and we are looking at a European tour in september/october..and a US tour either before that or after that!


You were one of the pioneers of the NWOBHM movement. For our younger readers, tell us about the early days and how things have changed since.

The early days? well bands actually used to record as BANDS…no click tracks…no pro tools…no digital..you had to KNOW what you were doing! And believe it or not, thats how we still do it – we record in the same room as a band..without click tracks!! As far as gigs, we learned our trade so to speak plying the working mens clubs in the North East of England – as did Saxon and Judas Priest before us – you learned how to play to..entertain…and antagonize an audience!

One of our readers, Mike Rosenberg, sent in the following question:
“If you could have any of your songs included in a horror movie soundtrack, which song and what movie would you pick?”

Good question! Probably “Stay Human” from “Heads Up” for the movie “The Thing”!!!

Our publication focuses on elements of pop culture that are of interest to fans of heavy metal music. What are your hobbies and interests when you are not on the road or rehearsing?

I’m into recent history…stuff like the Kennedy assassinations…9/11.. all the paranoid stuff I guess! I also enjoy fiction like Stephen King..Patricia Cornwell..Lee Child…all the good pulp fiction! Of course I play a little every day..even if its just acoustic guitar – I do noodle and come with a few songs this way…”river of no return” on the new album came from an acoustic piece I had…

Anything else you would like to share?

We just played in South American..and enjoyed a tornado….and a few days later a earthquake!!! All the best to our fans – hope you enjoy the new album and we will see you soon!



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