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Metal Life exclusive interview with Metalix show host

Metal Life magazine reporter Karila recently interviewed Brad Lopez, host of the Metalix show on the idobi radio network.

Where did you get your start in radio, and who influenced you to continue on today with your Metalix show?

Metalix was originally hosted by Uncle Nasty, a legend in Denver radio. I was a technical producer on a few AM stations in the same building as KBPI. We would chat about metal and local bands from time to time. He asked me to make him a mix one time and the next conversation was about how to load that music into our server so he could play it on Metalix. Nasty mentored me for the next six years and eventually allowed me to take carry the legacy of Metalix with me to new media.

How did you get involved with idobi Network, and what makes working with this network better than other companies?

I also worked with Eddie Barella at KBPI. He is a part owner of idobi Radio and launched idobi Howl shortly after we were both laid off from KBPI.

What was your toughest interview and why?

I have interviewed my fair share of grumpy artists but no one that I would put on blast in this QA. Occasionally, bands just don’t feel like talking to press. Those interviews last forever and listeners can tell someone is faking it.


What was your most embarrassing interview moment and–separately–your most glorious interview moment?

I manage to embarrass myself somehow in most interviews. Call of the Void was in studio last year to promote Ageless but we really should have discussed exactly which tracks could be played on Metalix since we aired several weeks prior to release. Instead, we had that discussion on air minutes before I was going to play a song.

I have interviewed many of my favorite bands but Vincent Bennett from The Acacia Strain delivered the single greatest sound byte in Metalix history: “My songs are about more than just killing hookers and doing mean things to their bodies, there’s a lot of meaning in what I have to say.”


As a former online radio DJ, I think metal radio lacks engagement and involvement. Have you ever thought about doing activities like “segments” with your fans?

You have been appointed the new producer of Metalix haha.

In all seriousness, I would love to do that. When I have bands in studio I read fan questions by email (blo@idobi.com) or Twitter (@metalixdenver). This was hilarious the last time Final Blow was in studio.


What is your trademark signature–whether that’s a catchphrase, intro, or style–of your show?

I usually say “rock it out, metalheads” at the end of the show but that catch phrase is getting really annoying to me. Really, I think radio is for music first, host hijinks second. On Metalix you can always count on the best tracks from the newest metal and hardcore albums along with local standouts you should hear.


What are you looking forward to doing in 2016 that you haven’t done before?

Speak in Vowels suggested the weed Olympics. Last time I had them in studio there was a riveting joint rolling competition. Who knows what events might happen in the weed Olympics?



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