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Metal Life exclusive interview with LITA FORD



Metal Life: You are a busy person right now touring and working on new music.  What excites you the most about your next album’s content?

Lita Ford: I can’t give that away right now but it is going to be amazing.


Metal Life: Can we expect a new direction for you?

Lita Ford: It’s too early to tell exactly but I know I don’t want to say too much other than it is going to be amazing.  I go with whatever god puts in my lap and I’m not religious.


Metal Life: During your career, you have famously changed up your playlists from show to show when on tour. Is this a reaction to fan feedback during the show or are the playlists altered prior to each show, sort of altering per venue so to speak?


Lita Ford: A little of all the above.  There is a set list.  But the crowd and the band can dictate where we go with it at any given time.  That’s what keeps it exciting for all of us.

Metal Life: We hate asking this question because we feel artists should be treated as artists regardless of gender. However, you are a major role model in young rocker girl’s lives and we wanted to share your advice. What can we as metal fans do to help break the ongoing categorization of “female fronted metal bands” or is that category necessary?


Lita Ford: It is only necessary in the GRAMMY organization because the GRAMMY’s seems to be the only one who needs categories.  But outside of that, I don’t think it is necessary.  But at least we’ve opened that door. 

Metal Life: You played at the Sirius XM Radio Hair Metal Nation festival with Vince Neil, Bret Michaels, Yngwie Malmsteen, Kix and more 80’s icons. That was an amazing lineup. How excited were you for that show?

Lita Ford: As great as it is to see friends, I wasn’t excited for that show. I don’t want to see Irvine torn down.  I love that place and it has so many memories for me.  Money is buying that land. I’m happy I was a part of it but I don’t want to see it torn down.  There’s a story in my book about paying Irvine.

Metal Life: Speaking of your book, your autobiographical “Living Like A Runaway” has been a great success and is a fantastic read. We enjoyed experiencing the “life of a rocker.” We would love to see your perspective on the music industry itself. You have seen the music industry from so many perspectives. Any chance you could share some quick “Lita” observations on the state of the music industry today?

Lita Ford: The music industry has changed drastically since I started out in this business.  How an artist records, tours, and makes money all have evolved I many cases, we’ve lost the feel. Digital has a lot of control over many things now, including music.

Metal Life: In 1993, our good friend Jim Balent drew you in your own Rock It comic book. We recently talked with Jim at San Diego Comic Con and the topic of that comic came up. How cool (or weird) was it to see yourself in a comic book and how relevant do you think rock n roll comics are in today’s world?

Lita Ford: There are a lot of collectors that like to collect things.  To have my own comic book was pretty cool. I got to kick everybody’s ass in it. The story had my dog turning into a wolf when in reality she was a wiener dog. It was a lot of fun.

Metal Life: Is there anything else you would like to share?

Lita Ford: Thank you.  Thanks to you and thank you to the fans.




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