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Metal Life Exclusive Interview With KILLER DWARFS


Metal Life Magazine founder and editor-in-chief Terry Bunch interviewed Russ Dwarf of KILLER DWARFS. They discussed tour dates, new material, beer and shenanigans on the Monsters Of Rock Cruise 2014.

You have a few tour dates set up starting April 9 in Las Vegas at our favorite venue out there, Vamp’d and, among others, some dates in Ontario, the M3 Music Fest and Wolf Fest with Faster Pussycat. Are you currently working on booking more dates?

Yes we are filling up the year as we speak… hope to see everyone this year… can you imagine if you really did see EVERYONE on a tour… that would take lifetimes! I guess we will stick to a more reasonable number… that made me tired thinking that!

You have recently mentioned that you plan to record new music, but not necessarily a full album. Is this a conscious decision to not release a full length or is that you do not have enough material for an album yet?

You people and your bloody questions! Just kidding… we have talked about a few things we’d like to do with this New material, at this point we are recording a few tunes and maybe just releasing them as we go along… you never know we might end up doing a full record… we have a bunch of stuff underway as we speak…

The band has taken a few breaks throughout your career and each time, you come back strong. For lifetime fans, is Killer Dwarfs still the same or have you evolved?

We’ve definitely gotten long in the tooth! The core of what we are about is the same… $3.50 show for $2.00… the main thing is it’s only Rockn’Roll… we don’t have the cure to cancer or need to reinvent the wheel… for us it’s about the love of it and if folks like it as well that’s a bonus at this point for us… we really do get along very well and Love each other… we have so much fun being apart of this band it’s a crime!

What is the biggest unaccomplished goal that is still left for Killer Dwarfs to achieve?

To become the master of time space and dimension! Or just keep making music… which ever comes first!

A lot of heavy metal fans are not as well educated about the Canadian metal scene as they should be. Do you keep up with new bands emerging? Who are you keeping an eye on?

There’s so much talent up here in the GREAT WHITE NORTH… lots of young bands making a mark for sure… Diemonds is a great R&R old school kick ass band I like…WARMACHINE is another great Metal band and Skull Fist are also making a lot of noise everywhere…

Last year, you played the Monsters of Rock Cruise. Tell us your favorite memories of shenanigans on that cruise.

MORC is the greatest event to be apart of by far… you get to hang with people who are so dedicated to this type of music… plus tons of our close friends are also in these bands as well… Darren Smith from RDC and his wife are close pals of my wife and I and spent a lot of time falling down with them… Ray & Andrea Braun as well. We had a blast just enjoying the experience… plus a big shout out to my good Pal Bill Leverty of Firehouse… oh and can’t forget the most insane human we know Luc Carl from Sirius Hair Nation! I can’t really tell any ridiculous stories or I’d be sued… get a ticket and go on the cruise you won’t regret it!

We would love to see a Killer Dwarfs beer brewed. Have you had the opportunity to try Iron Maiden’s Trooper Ale or some of the other metal band themed beers?

Yes I have… I actually have Maiden in my fridge right now! That would be a cool to have our own beer, but I suspect we’d drink the profits.. ya never know… what could we call it… Go Dunk Ale?

Editor’s Note: Whatever the beer lands up being named, it would have to be a dunkelweizen style beer… Perhaps “KD DUNKelweizen” ?

Our publication focuses on elements of pop culture that are of interest to fans of heavy metal music. What are your hobbies and interests when you are not on the road or rehearsing?

I like to sit in my backyard with my dog Jackson and drink beer! I read a lot… I always have 2 or 3 books going at once… I love history and Non-fiction… I’m a big collector as well… Elvis mostly and Zippo lighter an old radios… and GUITARS! I’m a pack rat I must confess… need a huge RD garage sale!

Any last comments for the Dwarf Nation?

As Darrell “Dunk” Dwarf would say “Why is there always Rum?” Thanks for all the support always… see you soon! Cheers Russ



KILLER DWARFS tour dates: http://metallife.com/killer-dwarfs-tour-dates-for-2015/




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