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Metal Life Exclusive Interview With JUNGLE ROT Plus Our Review Of “Order Shall Prevail”

Resident queen of death metal Karila was reunited with Dave Matrise and Geoff Bub of Jungle Rot when they met for an interview at the San Diego stop on the Rockstar Mayhem Festival.  They discussed the new album and why it came as such a surprise to everybody, including themselves!  Stay tuned even further to find out just exactly how old their touring vehicle is…the answer will astound you!  And find out which of these two they find scarier: King Diamond’s corpse paint, or Kerry King’s head tattoo!

We also reviewed their new album “Order Shall Prevail”:


Twenty years of doing anything is prone to wearing the average person down. Not in the case of Jungle Rot. The bone-crushing momentum of the band’s ninth album Order Shall Prevail will slaughter your eardrums from beginning to end. This sonically stunning death metal piece will be brazenly clawing its way into many “Metal Albums of the Year” lists, and that is a guarantee.

While the band’s infamous patterns of “knuckle-dragging” neanderthal elements are always present, it becomes clear shortly after the powerful opening of “Doomsday” that these musicians were not afraid to take their stones to the wheel and craft them into sharper, more lethal daggers of war. Gone are the days of muddled nonsense; every note that is strummed, sung, or blasted has crystal clarity while never being stripped of the primal filth for which Jungle Rot will always be praised. The ground-shaking track “Paralyzed Prey” should also be put in the spotlight for its infectious groove that is only interrupted by the siren songs of Geoff Bub’s guitar. Joey Muha is Satan’s gift to Jungle Rot, never losing power behind the kit and always pursuing new heart-palpitating misdirections, particularly in “Doomsday” and “Blood Revenge.” Even in their more groove-oriented tunes “I Cast The First Stone” and “The Dread Pestilence,” there is not an ounce of savagery lost. “Fight Where You Stand” features a cameo by the legendary Max Cavalera, whose reputably brute vocal style fits perfectly with Order’s MO. The ambush of noise reaches its most prominent point in “Trench Tactics,” a thrashing neck-snapper that throws you into a booby trap known as a “Fucking Flawless Breakdown.” A slow crushing breakdown is an Achilles’ Heel for this writer, and the goosebumps I have on my arms as I’m typing this say it all.

In addition to Jungle Rot lifers like myself, fans of Vader’s Litany as well as those who play Unleashed’s Shadows Of the Deep on repeat will adore Order Shall Prevail. Whoever says death metal has no possibility of evolving or becoming innovative and refreshing has not listened to Jungle Rot’s latest and greatest triumph. Undoubtedly, this album can and will keep the uninhibited danger of death metal alive.

Rating: 9/10



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