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Metal Life Exclusive Interview With Henry Rollins


Resident Metal Life Magazine metal queen Diana just interviewed Henry Rollins to see what he was up to and see if we could find about any upcoming projects.


1) What is currently keeping you busy?

I am prepping for shows next year, an upcoming bit of travel, a show I have in London in a few days, two books I am writing and one I am editing. This stuff and the weekly obligations of radio and print stuff keeps me busy. I have been doing a lot of voice over, film, television and documentary stuff over the last several weeks.


2) How has the response been to your book “Before The Chop II”?

I get friendly letters about it. So, I guess that’s good. I would prefer if people liked the books I wrote but once it goes off to the printer, I am done with it. I did it to do it. What people make of it, that’s up to them.


3) What inspired you and Heidi to start the podcasts?

Heidi said one day that there are so many stories I have told her that I have never done onstage and that we were going to do some podcasts. It was all her idea. I got a different box for putting the microphones through and had someone help me with the installation of the software and took a lesson on how it worked and we were off. We do them when we can. When things get really busy, we can’t do them. I will be flat out until almost the end of the year, so we will have to take a break for a little while.


4) Could you give our readers a brief history of your radio show?

I think it was in 2004, I was offered a job at a station called Indie 103.1. It was a really cool station and I said sure. I had done a lot of radio in the past, guesting at other stations and really liked it. I was there until they went out of business in 2009. About a week later, KCRW contacted me and asked if I wanted to resume doing radio there. I said yes. I have been there ever since. I will hopefully not get canned and will be able to keep on. I never know when they will drop me.


5) In your time in LA and Hollywood, what are some of the biggest changes you have seen in the music scene?

I think shows are run better and less violent. I think young people perhaps figured out that their enemy wasn’t each other. The clubs are more fitted for small bands, or that is to say, that there are a lot of great venues for bands that are great but not huge, so a lot of great bands can thrive and find an audience.


6) Do you have any projects, such as shows, movies, or music, you’ll be working on this year?

These days, you sign all these non disclosure agreements, otherwise known as NDA’s. There are things I have done that I can’t mention but some of the things that I can is The Last Heist, a film I was in, a web series called Con Man that will be premiering at Comicon I think. I just did some vo for Disney, one of their cartoons. Iggy Pop and I were a pair of crazy bad guys. I just did something else for them as well. I am working on a series for History Channel as the voice of a series. I have a couple of shows before the end of the year. Then there are a few things that are maybe’s and other things I am waiting for the dates to drop. I will [be]traveling on the Amazon in Ecuador and then off to Chile on my own to check some things out. That’s pretty soon. That’s all I can think of at this moment.


7) You are obviously an incredibly passionate person that doesn’t seem to do anything casually. What is something that you are exceedingly passionate about that fans may not know?

I wrote screenplay for a film that actually got shot and am waiting to see what happens with that next. At this point, it would kinda ruin the fun if I said anything about it. I am excited to see where that goes. Beyond that, I am excited about the tour dates that are coming together for next year all over the world.


8) Looking back at your incredibly diverse career, is there anything you wished you would have done differently? 

I wish I would have listened more instead of always shooting my mouth off and had a lot more patience with things and people.


For more information on Henry Rollins, visit http://www.henryrollins.com


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