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Metal Life Exclusive Interview: HEAVY GRINDER


The metal community is one of outcasts, rebels, and social misfits of who are such non conformists that they don’t conform to what is the norm within our own genre. DJ Heavy Grinder and partner Neko are just that kind of misfits who chose to burn their own path through the music industry by taking electronica and metal music, blending them together in an unholy union, and unleashing their creation onto the masses without the need for mass approval, and are damn good at it. DJ Heavy Grinder and Neko are pioneers, and are not only bad ass DJ’s waging war against metal scene norms, they are also incredible people. I got to interview Bobbie, AKA DJ Heavy Grinder, a few weeks back, and it was the funniest interview I have had the pleasure of handling. Between shitty reception, and a now infamous wasp that was relentlessly stalking Bobbie during the interview, she still pulled off a fantastic interview in style. Here is her story.



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