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Metal Life Exclusive Interview: Coldcock Whiskey



A Coldcock a day keeps the haters away. There’s truly nothing not to love about the promising new whiskey distillery and its genuinely joyful crew. Not only is this team of headbangers cooking up an innovative batch of herbal infused inebriation, they are making a difference in local heavy metal communities in Southern California. But they don’t intend to agree to geographic boundaries. As they embark across the nation with the Rockstar Mayhem Festival, I encourage you—whether you are a local musician looking for more information about their Battle of the Bands campaign or you’re just a fan of all things boozy—to take a visit to their booth. In the interview below, I spoke to Rick and Sarah, two founding members of Coldcock. After nearly a decade of hard work and play at Jagermeister, these two set off on a new mission that went beyond creating an innovative whiskey with unique flavors like hibiscus, gingko, and fennel. Their (so far very successful) mission to be an active participant in initiating amazing opportunities for struggling local musicians goes far beyond just being admirable. With this Battle of the Bands program, they are offering local bands the chance to earn a management deal with Street Smart Management, a record deal with Century Media, and a solid load of equipment courtesy of companies like Remo, Miktech, and Schecter. Coldcock’s actions have and will keep this generation’s dreams to keep metal a thriving community a certain reality. In our interview, we discussed the details of how to win Coldcock’s Battle of the Bands, what makes Coldcock taste so goddamn delicious, and what is the best drink to make with Coldcock (it’s so easy to make at home, I’m making one as I type this).






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