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Metal Life book review: “Empty” by Ty Arthur


Outer space in all of its glorious mystery has been a topic that few writers have not touched on, even if only in mentions and slight references. Out of everything the human mind could conceive as to what might comprise the blackness that intrigues us so, the existence of aliens has always been at the top of our hopes and fears of what might be out there. Ty Arthur’s short story, Empty, is a deep space thriller set on a salvage ship named Penrose, that centers around an unsuspecting crew member who is sent on a highly suspect mission of exploring the wreckage of an ancient spaceship that the salvage ship found lost in space. Junior Engineer 3rd Class Hansen is nearly abandoned on the derelict ship by a superior officer, and once he is safely aboard his home ship, he finds that a fast moving alien life form of an unknown class has taken over the Penrose, and has been controlling the ship’s officers and using the crew as living hatcheries for its spawn. The Junior Engineer uses every engineering trick up his sleeve to outwit the life form, with interesting consequences that leave you feeling like something was missing from the storyline, but you’re not exactly sure what. Warning, do not read this story while eating…

While a short and interesting read, the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes are very disappointing, and make it difficult for the story flow. The story does keep the reader in a state of excitement, deep interest, or blatant fear, however. The story has potential and, with a good rewrite, could make a few waves in the literary scene.


[Editor’s Note: Ty Arthur is known in the metal community as writer xFiruath of MetalUnderground.com]

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