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Metal Life at WonderCon 2013: FALLING SKIES interviews and press room photos


Metal Life Magazine attended the press room for Falling Skies at WonderCon 2013 to talk to castmembers Drew Roy, Sarah Carter and Seychelle Gabriel as well as producer Remi Aubuchon.

During the press room, we asked about season 3 and how season 2 had helped shape the direction for the attending castmembers’ characters.

The Season 2 finale introduced a new alien species which left everyone wondering are they friend or a new foe? Also, during season 2, the survivors has established themselves in as permanent a new home as can be expected. What’s next for Hal and Margaret and Lourdes?

Here are the attending cast members responses to some of our questions.

Photos from the press room

Falling Skies returns June 9 with a 2 hour premiere at 9PM. Series 3 will air regularly on Sundays at 10PM after that.


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