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Metal Life Album Review: Tarja Turunen (ex NIGHTWISH) – Ave Maria En Plein Air


With the release of her debut classical solo album, Ave Maria En Plein Air, Tarja has opened a new world of beauty and composition to metal and classical fans alike. The song, Ave Maria, an intersessional prayer to Mother Mary set to music, has inspired countless composers throughout the ages, and now Tarja Turunen has brought to life not only this timeless classic, but breathed new life into its hallowed notes. The compositions feature music from Paolo Tosti, J.S. Bach, Ferenc Farkas, and more plus an original Ave Maria composition from Tarja herself. Each song offers a different take on the original; composers over the years have often times either used the prayer in its entirety or used portions of the prayer in their works to create a whole new song with the utmost respect and consideration of the original work so while the subject matter is the same, the creation certainly is not.

Tarja’s vocal work is mesmerizing as she adds her own style and interpretation to each composer’s work. Each song is gracefully performed and sees some of Tarja’s absolute best classical vocal work ever while the recording is top notch to say the least. If you have any love of classical music, I am certain you will love Ave Maria En Plein Air.


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